Community Nurses offering free flu shots

ST. MARYS - Community Nurses, Inc. is overstocked with the influenza vaccine and as a result is offering flu shots free of charge to anyone who hasn't already received the immunization this year. Anne Bauer, marketing director/public relations with Community Nurses, said the abundance and availability of the immunization throughout the area has resulted in the surplus. "There were flu immunizations offered in so many places to people that we've ended up having excess vaccine and we want to make good use of it. There's people out there who have been unable to get their immunization yet, so we're offering it to them free of charge," Bauer said.Bauer said in ordering the vaccine before each flu season, the number of vaccinations the organization provided the previous year is taken into consideration, but added that it has been hard to adjust the order and inventory from year to year. "We need to order in the first quarter of the year. The order is always an estimated guess as to how many immunizations you will give," Bauer said.