Computer, tech product use linked to increased eye strain

s more and more time is spent gazing into the electric glow of a monitor or screen, more and more americans are experiencing a number of optical ailments associated with the use of technology. Whether it be recreational or work-related, Americans are using computers, cellphones and an endless array of electronic gadgetry, including e-books, for longer, uninterrupted periods of time than ever before. Doctors have even coined terms like Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS) in discussing the negative effects caused by extensive use of Video Display Terminals (VDTs) like computer screens or even handheld screens like those on smartphones and MP3 players. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), eye strain is the most common ailment caused by prolonged exposure to VDTs. The AOA says the symptoms of eye strain include headaches, fatigue, burning, itchy or watery eyes, loss of focus, blurred distance, double vision, neck and/or shoulder pain, sensitivity to lights.