Conrad’s legacy of philanthropy to continue

Photo by Amy Cherry – William Conrad played an integral role in creating the Stackpole-Hall Foundation along with other area organizations benefiting residents of Elk County.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

After 47 years of exceptional service to Elk County, William Conrad is turning over the reigns of the Stackpole-Hall Foundation.
Conrad recently retired as the executive director of the Foundation, which he began working for on Jan. 1,1971 as the assistant executive secretary. On Aug. 31 of that year, he was elected to executive director at a board meeting following the death of Frank Jackson.
Since its inception, the Foundation has granted over $40 million, primarily in the fields of education, human service, and community development, to improve the quality of life in Elk County.
“I’ve been very blessed to have a tremendous board who have always gone along with my ideas and have supported me in carrying those ideas forward,” Conrad said. “It’s been a real team effort.”
Conrad currently serves as chairman of the foundation’s board of directors. Additional trustees include Dennis Bonanno, secretary and treasurer, Megan Hall, Richard Masson, John Saalfield, Dauer Stackpole, Laurey Stackpole Turner, Alexander Sheble Hall, Francis Grandinetti, Bea Terbovich, and Lawrence Whiteman, Jr., honorary trustee.
Throughout his career at the Foundation, Conrad was instrumental in forming several local organizations and implementing various successful programs, all of which are still thriving today.
Among some of Conrad’s most notable accolades were his efforts in working to establish the
Elk County Community Foundation, the Community Education Council of Elk and Cameron counties, and a summer jobs program.

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