Conservation District seeks new logo

Members of the Elk Conservation District announced at their meeting earlier this week that they plan to have a new logo created for the organization. The current logo used by the group on its county website was created by conservation district member Kim Bonfardine and was never officially adopted by the group. Chairman Russ Braun sparked the logo discussion when he asked members to adopt the current, unofficial logo, so that he could have it put on shirts for members to wear during an upcoming field day. "I think it would be kind of good since we're taking a new road with the district here to start out with a new logo," Braun said. While Bonfardine agreed with the idea of a new logo, she cautioned members about using the one she had created. "That one is hard to blow up and use on different things," Bonfardine said. "It's old Clip Art and Word Art, is basically all it is."She added that she and new conservation district manager Steve Putt had discussed possibly having a different logo designed. Group members remarked that there are a number of graphic designers in town who could potentially be hired to do the design work based on the district's ideas. Braun indicated that, while he was all right with waiting to adopt a logo, he wanted to do so at some point in the future. Bonfardine agreed, stating that a logo is a "big, important part" of a group's image; however, she cautioned group members about featuring an elk too prominently on the logo."The one downfall about having an elk on there is people think we are conserving elk," Bonfardine said.

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