Corridor safety analysis completed

Officials in the transportation department at North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission [NCPRPDC] announced the completion of a corridor safety analysis Wednesday with some surprising findings."We've had a lot of public comment on it, actually 166 total comments from all over the place telling us all the safety concerns, from potholes to running off the road to flashing lights and not knowing what they mean at a train station, just a lot of things across the board," said Amy Kessler, director of the commission's transportation department. "We're pleasantly surprised at some of the comments and we're addressing them. Some are in the planning stages and there are others that we just did not know were safety concerns. "We're identifying 25 that we're trying to go out and get the public's input to learn which are the most important ones to move forward with. Mainly the projects we're trying to knock off concern maintenance, just trying to cut some brush and clean things up, and we'll start looking at the big capital projects for a long-range program shortly."