Council approves property transactions

Photo by Amy Cherry - The owner of 123 Fourth Street in St. Marys has transferred the properties over to the city. They plan on boarding up the property for safety purposes until they can be demolished. Photo by Amy Cherry - Council recently approved the sale of a small, public park on Averyville Road.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys City Council approved the transfer of two properties within the city during their recent monthly meeting.
The sale of a small city park located on Averyville Road is being sold for $5,000 to Michael J. Herzing and Lynn M. Herzing of St. Marys. The property consists of two vacant lots now being used as a public park. The sale includes all of the playground equipment currently located on the premises
The owner of the property at 123 Fourth Street has agreed to sell the property to the city for $1. City Manager Tim Pearson said the city will board up the dilapidated property for safety reasons until they plan to demolish the property.
“We are excited to receive this property. It will do a lot to cleanup Fourth Street and is great for economic and community development,” Pearson said.
Closing on both properties is to occur on or before Nov. 1.