Council still debating on how to proceed with drilling ordinance

Late last week, members of city council continued their discussion regarding having a lawyer familiar with drilling regulations examine their draft of proposed changes to the city's zoning ordinance regarding oil and gas drilling. City Manager Dave Greene informed council that he had received an engagement letter from attorney Robert Ging Jr."Typically he would make a visit up here first to meet with council before taking any action, but he indicated that since it was such a long distance for him-- he comes out of Confluence, Pa.-- that he did submit an engagement letter indicating what his price was. Once we sign the engagement letter, if you so choose, then he will take a look at the revisions to the ordinance with regard to the Gas and Oil Act," Greene said. Councilman Steve Skok indicated that he has the name of another individual who provides similar services and stated that he would provide Greene with the individual's contact information.Councilman Dick Dornisch had hoped to get the city moving sooner on having an ordinance on the books in an attempt to protect against unwanted drilling. "My main concern, of course, is that we've been a year with this and we haven't moved, and even if we have to go back and rewrite some of the things, my position is, of course, to get something in place," Dornisch said. Dornisch had made a motion that council approve their draft ordinance for publication without waiting for it to be reviewed; however, the rest of council disagreed and his motion died for lack of a second.