Council turns wastewater sale back over to municipal authority

Members of the St. Marys City Council approved handing the responsibility of selling effluent water from the city's wastewater treatment plant back over to the municipal authority following a brief discussion at their meeting Monday evening. City Manager Dave Greene explained that he had placed the sale of the water on the meeting agenda because he knew the authority was going to meet regarding the issue; however, he remarked that the authority did not yet have an agreement prepared for council. It was at that time that Greene also informed council members that they would need to turn control of the management of the agreement back over to the municipal authority. "Originally council made the motion that city council would take on the agreement for the sale of the effluent water," Greene said. "Subsequent to that there's been a meeting, and this council needs to now agree to turn it back over to the municipal authority."Greene added that the authority had indicated that it was willing to handle the sale of the water.