County officials withdraw finances from airport

In what was a mere formality, the Elk County Commissioners voted Tuesday morning to officially cancel any current and future financial obligation to the Bradford Airport Authority.According to Elk County commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg, who also serves as first vice chairman on the Bradford Airport Authority, the wheels of change have been rolling for years now."Going back quite some time, the county was looking at the financial obligation in place for Elk County to pay into the Bradford Airport Authority," Freeburg said. "It was by an agreement going back to 1967 and things change. Over the years we were interested in how much bang for the buck do we get for that contribution, which as of the last few years, has been $24,000. "There were meetings and committees met, all of the involved counties including Warren, Cameron, McKean and Elk, and it was agreed upon that Elk County would no longer be obligated financially to the day-to-day operations of the Bradford Airport."