Daghir and Lecker to join Quesenberry as Elk County Commissioners

Joe Daghir
Staff Writer

Two new Elk County Commissioners were voted in by residents during Tuesday’s General Election.
Democrat Matthew G. Quesenberry, Jr. will retain his position as a Commissioner and will be joined by newcomer Republicans Joe Daghir and M. Fritz Lecker. Of the total 15,330 votes cast, Daghir was the top voter getter earning 5,527 votes followed by Lecker with 4,286 votes and Quesenberry with 3,309 votes. Democrat Raymond J. Krise, Jr. had 2,186 votes while 40 write-in votes were cast.
The new Commissioners will take office in January as Daghir and Lecker will be replacing outgoing Commissioners Dan Freeburg and Janis Kemmer.
Republican Lee A. Neureiter is the new Elk County Register and Recorder by earning 5,048 votes of the total 7,925 cast. Neureiter defeated Democrat Ron Beimel who received 2,867 votes. This is a four-year term.