DeLullo addresses council about Woodbed Corp.

Bob DeLullo, owner of Woodbed Corporation and DeLullo Trucking, spoke to city council during their Monday evening meeting to address complaints that residents of Wilson Road had made about his business at previous council meetings. At a previous city council meeting, residents of Wilson Road had complained about sawdust from Woodbed Corp. blowing across Wilson Road and onto their property. Their claims included that the sawdust covered their homes and vehicles, continuously got into their homes through open windows and doors, collected in the corner of their roofs to create a fire hazard and was a general nuisance.DeLullo provided members of council with a copy of correspondence he recently had with the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).DeLullo stated that he had believed that inspectors had been to the business two or three times since the residents of Wilson Road approached council and was surprised to learn from DEP's report that they had actually been there five times. "So they were there two or three times we didn't even know," DeLullo said. "[A representative from DEP] also told me, 'We've been there for years. We know this place is here. You guys have a permit with us. We've been here for years monitoring your company on drive-bys. We've never seen anything to indicate a violation."The report DeLullo provided to council also indicated that DEP had not found any violations during their five recent visits to Woodbed Corp. DeLullo placed much of the blame for the Wilson Road residents' problems with his company on what he termed a 'zoning issue.' "If you back it up six, seven years ago, we weren't there. We just were not there, that's all there is to it. This is a relatively new company, Woodbed Corporation. We went from not being there to getting it zoned industrial, to putting a business in there, to employing 29 people today," DeLullo said. "There were allegations that our company is responsible for allergies, asthma, fire hazards, [operating on] third shift [and disturbing neighbors' sleep], [making it so] people can't leave their houses or drink coffee [outside] on Wilson Road, and (that) there were bribes involved. "I don't know how you (council) could think that stuff could possibly be going on out there. How would we be responsible for all that there?"While at the meeting, DeLullo also provided council members with copies of various letters he has received over the years from the Wilson Road residents.One of the letters had also been addressed to City Manager Dave Greene and DeLullo noted that it had been written in 2006. "That is the year after we started our business out there. This is a letter from the Wilson Road group again, stating pretty much that everything that's going on out there Mr. Greene needs to put a stop to," DeLullo said. Even though DEP did not find any violations at the facility, DeLullo informed council members that he still had made some changes and had more planned for the future. "Even though there's no violations we did some things because we do want to be good neighbors," DeLullo said.

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