DeMott takes over chair

RIDGWAY – Joe DeMott, one of three McKean County commissioners, was voted Wednesday morning as the new chairman of the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission's [NCPRPDC] executive committee and board of directors.Mark McCracken, in the midst of his second term as a Clearfield County commissioner, held the chairman post for one year."I'm leaving the board in capable hands," McCracken said of DeMott. The outgoing chairman will continue to be part of the commission.DeMott, who took his spot at the head table alongside NCPRPDC executive director Eric Bridges, acknowledged McCracken for his time spent at the helm."I'd like to thank the board for their confidence in me and I'll do my best," DeMott said. "I'd like to thank Mark [McCracken] for his service to our organization as I've had the pleasure of working with Mark in a number of organizations. "[McCracken] is a very dedicated person and I feel very confident that I can succeed him, and we thank him for all the hard work that he has put into the organization."Moving ahead, Bridges said he looks forward to DeMott serving the one-year term as chairman and expressed his appreciation to McCracken.