Details provided on CDBG projects

City of St. Marys Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Coordinator Tina Gradizzi conducted a second and final public hearing during Monday's City Council meeting.The city's 2012 entitlement is $300,000, of which the city will utilize $246,000 for water, sewer and road improvements. The remaining $54,000, or 18 percent, is being alloted for administration costs. According to Gradizzi, the first streets on the list for repairs are Mertz Avenue, then Charles and George streets.Councilman Ned Jacob inquired to as why Mertz Avenue was chosen as the first option because the street only has residents living on one side. Gradizzi replied that it was chosen several years ago based on the Public Works Director's opinion at the time. Mertz Avenue was also the first street to qualify individually, something she hopes will also work for Charles and George streets.