Dickinson Center, Inc. relocating

With Dickinson Center, Inc. just days away from unveiling its new 28,200-square-foot facility located at 43 Servidea Drive along Route 219 in Ridgway Township, Dickinson CEO Jack Goga explained the motives and incentives behind the new $4.1 million facility. Groundbreaking at the site took place in October 2011 and according to the DMHC website, the construction is ahead of schedule. As a result, DMHC programs to be housed within the new facility are scheduled to begin their relocations as soon as Aug. 1, with the process continuing through Aug. 9. According to Goga, the decision to relocate came following extensive discussion among board members and administrators, during which the consensus was reached that a more spacious and modernized facility was integral to the longevity of Dickinson as an organization.

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