Dickinson to host Storytime in the Park event

Combining the outdoors and storytime together, Dickinson Center Inc.'s (DCI) Children's Prevention Services is hosting their inaugural "Storytime in the Park," taking place Friday, Aug. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.DCI Parents as Teachers (PAT) Educator Lynn Floravit has taken the activity a step further by turning it into the "I Spy a Spider" walking storytime event being held at Benzinger Park in St. Marys.The event is geared toward children ages 3-6, each of whom must be accompanied by an adult. It is based off on the book "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle. A rain date has been set for the following week, Friday, Aug. 17, at the same time and location."I revamped a 'Storytime in the Park' type event and expanded it," Floravit. "I am thinking about expanding it to different parks next year depending on the program's funding. I really want to keep it as an ongoing event."Floravit explained the storytime walk consists of eight stations each featuring a different craft project or activity. These activities are spider toss, similar to ring toss; marble paint, where children dip marbles into white paint and roll them around on black paper to simulate a spider's web; spider headbands; a paper plate on which children use black yarn to create a web with a spider on it; a lacing web activity; a make-your-own puzzle activity; a spider find activity where children pick up spiders with tweezers; and a create a spider out of Play-Doh.Each station will be manned by DCI and park staff. Registration for the event will be held at the top entrance to the park in the parking lot.Children who complete all eight events by having their card stamped at each station will receive a complimentary book from the Parents as Teachers and the Literacy Express.Between stations, children can participate in an "I Spy a Spider" game as they attempt to locate eight different types of spiders created by Floravit. After all eight spiders are located, each child is entered to win an outdoor fun gift basket, with one winner chosen at the conclusion of the event.