Donachy comments on activities of historical society

Jeanette Donachy, president of the Historical Society of St. Marys and Benzinger Township, commented on the recent activities of the society during the group’s 48th annual banquet held Sunday evening at the Diamond View Restaurant. The banquet commemorated the founding of Sancta Marienstadt on Dec. 8, 1842.Donachy began by remarking that she was glad those in attendance could make it despite the weather conditions.“I’m glad you could make it even though our weather was a little bit snowy, but just think what they did back in 1842: when they came from Kersey to here, it was probably a lot worse than we’re putting up with and the only vehicles they had probably were a few horses to drag their possessions,” Donachy said.Donachy also encouraged those in attendance to visit the historical society and see the variety of items and information that it has to offer.“If you haven’t been down, please stop down and look around. We have a lot of artifacts. Alice Beimel and her people have been busy rearranging and trying to set things up in an easier-to-view way. Also, there is all kinds of information on genealogy if anybody wants to trace your roots, especially if your roots are in this area,” Donachy said.Along with making items more accessible, the historical society has also been working to ensure that the material they do have is preserved for future generations.“We have recently had several of our maps that were wearing away in spots to nothing. We’ve had them refurbished and they’re beautiful,” Donachy said. “We have some other photos and things that are going away to also be refurbished so for generations to come they can enjoy these things also.”She added that the maps are available for public viewing in the upstairs area of the historical society.For more on this story, see the Dec. 6 edition of The Daily Press.