Donations keep #5 plastics program viable

The program to recycle #5 plastics has become popular among area residents, though Elk County recycling coordinator Bekki Titchner noted that it is only because of donations that the program has remained viable. The #5 plastics are able to be dropped off throughout the week during regular operating hours at the Community Recycling Center at the Stackpole Complex. "We've sent out almost 280 pounds of #5 plastic, which is a considerable amount when you think about it. Most of the stuff is Cool Whip containers and yogurt containers and stuff. It costs us almost $1 a pound to send it out," Titchner said. She noted that while the people who use the program do typically make a donation, she wanted to remind the public about the importance of such a contribution."If they want us to continue doing this program, they have to donate toward the postage," Titchner said. "We're doing it as a service because people really want to recycle these things."Titchner added that she and other volunteers are still having issues with people dropping off #5 plastics that still contain a label and she reminded residents that all labels must be removed before the items are dropped off at the recycling center.