Don't let the bedbugs bite

There have been increasing reports about bedbugs in cities like Pittsburgh, but these infestations are not only a problem for the city - local residents are now finding the little bloodsuckers in their homes.“It's not just a problem that's occurring in the cities or wherever you read,” said Bill Milford, pest control technician for Southern Tier Professional Pest Control. “It's happening here, too.”Bedbugs feed primarily on human blood, but will also feed on animals. “Bedbugs are being reintroduced from Europe and the chemicals we use today are not as potent as they used to be,” Milford said. “Chemicals today are made to break down quickly, so these insects, whether they are cockroaches or bedbugs, will develop a resistance to the chemicals.“It's hard to get into all of the areas that they infest. They are getting very hard to exterminate.”Milford has had a number of local calls to eradicate bedbugs. He recalled a job in a local town where the entire home was infested.“They are picked up mostly from traveling and staying in hotels,” Milford said. “People need to know what to look for - spotting around mattresses. Check the sheets in the hotel and especially around the mattress because the bedding is changed daily." Milford also suggested examining luggage before coming home and washing clothing in hot water to kill the bugs.For more on this story, see the Nov. 2 edition of The Daily Press.