Downtown property owners learn about facade program

The St. Marys Redevelopment Authority (RDA) held an informational meeting on Monday evening where downtown property owners were invited to provide their feedback on a proposed Facade Program. As part of the project they also want to address awnings and signage.In order to apply for the $50,000 DCED (Department of Community and Economic Development) grant, the RDA is required to obtain input from property owners if they are interested in participating in the project.The RDA could potentially offer property owners up to a $5,000 matching grant. Therefore for projects costing $10,000 the RDA could provide a $5,000 grant. If project costs are over $10,000 the owners will still only receive $5,000."We are willing to help you if you are willing to work with us," said St. Marys Community and Economic Development Coordinator Tina Gradizzi.