ECC FBLA boasts 31 state qualifiers

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Press Release

Recently, Elk County Catholics Future Business Leaders of America hosted the Regional Leadership Conference.
This conference was for the schools in the region to determine if students in their FBLA club would move on to the State Leadership Conference in Hershey this spring.
After a night filled of amazing public speaking competitions, presentations, food, and calculations, Elk County Catholic ended the night with 31 state qualifiers. Impromptu speaking, public speaking, and online tests for every aspect of the business world were judged this day.
These winners for the categories are:
•Gabe Kear, Accounting I, 1st, State Qualifier
•Jacob Koss, Advertising, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Isaac Brock, Business Calculations, 1st, State Qualifier
•Bailey Bauer, Business Communications, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Team of Emma Coppolo, Rena Messineo, Julia Toncich, Business Ethics, 1st, State Qualifier
•Johnny Rigler, Computer Problem Solving, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Dominic Gismondi, Cyber Security, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Team of Emily Constable, Carly Renwick, Dominique Wells, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Samantha Geci, Health Care Administration, 1st, State Qualifier
•Dan Wimer, Health Care Administration, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Tim Dollinger, Help Desk, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Team of Victoria Glatt, Sophie Neubert, Hospitality Management, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Ben Hoffman, Impromptu Speaking, 3rd
•Melaina Gradl, Intro to Business Communications, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Team of Lani Cerroni, Joey Geci, Tami Geci, Intro to Business Presentation, 1st, State Qualifier
•Jackie Schatz, Intro to FBLA, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Tom Dippold, Intro to IT, 3rd, State Qualifier
•Vivian Mader, Intro to Parliamentary Procedure, 2nd, State Qualifier
•Gina Bush, Intro to Public Speaking, 3rd
•Team of Nolan Fannin, Ellie Fledderman, Holly Kucenski, Aaron Wang, Isaac Wortman, Parliamentary Procedure, 1st, State Qualifier
•Michael Malize, Political Science, 2nd, State Qualifier
There are still many competitors waiting for their results for different events. Elk County Catholic and their FBLA club are extremely proud of everyone’s efforts. Good luck to people waiting on results and for those moving on to the next level.