ECC grads reflect on new beginnings

Photos by Amy Cherry - ECC Class of 2017 Valedictorian Jared Braun
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Sunday marked the culmination as Crusaders for the Elk County Catholic High School Class of 2017.
Class speakers Valedictorian Jared Braun and Salutatorian Rachel Herbstritt addressed their peers and family during the school's annual commencement program.
Both speakers thanked their families, siblings, friends, faculty, coaches and instructors specifically for their steadfast support and encouragement, emphasis on the importance of faith, attending their many activities and lessons on responsibility.
Braun began by noting the exact amount of time down to the second the class has spent together at ECC.
"The bond that has been established during that time is what unites us, eternally. Our class is composed of 48 fun, caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals, all of whom have a competitive edge and a unique passion for something," Braun said, adding some classmates have ventured from thousands of miles away to attend ECCHS.
While some class members will continue on to higher education, others will pursue a career in the military or join the workforce. Over 20 different colleges and more than 30 courses of study will shape their futures.
"This is a testament to our diversity, but this day is not about diversity. It's about unity," Braun said. "It's not confined to just one or two individuals who had high GPAs, it is about the 48 of us, together, and how we have been free and brave choosing to place our trust in each other and in our high school, Elk County Catholic."