ECCHS inducts 12 into Honor Society

Photo by Becky Polaski – Elk County Catholic High School inducted 12 students into the National Honor Society on Monday evening. Inductees were, front row, from left, Emily Wolfe, Benjamin Hoffman, Maddison Taylor, Gabriel Kear, Sophie Neubert and Isaac Brock; and back row, Anthony Gerg, Regis Wortman, Bailey Bauer, Julie Hoffman, Jesse DeWald and Logan Hanes.
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

Twelve students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Monday evening during a special ceremony held in the Elk County Catholic High School chapel.
This year’s inductees were senior Jesse DeWald and juniors Bailey Bauer, Isaac Brock, Anthony Gerg, Logan Hanes, Benjamin Hoffman, Julie Hoffman, Gabriel Kear, Sophie Neubert, Maddison Taylor, Emily Wolfe and Regis Wortman.
Prior to the actual induction ceremony, inductees led their family, friends and members of the faculty council in evening prayer. Presiding during the service was Fr. Ross Miceli.
Bailey Bauer read the opening introduction for the event, explaining that the National Honor Society was founded in 1921 for the purpose of creating an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. Those qualities are scholarship, service, leadership and character.
“Membership is thus both an honor for past accomplishments and a commitment for continued excellence,” Bauer said.

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