ECCSS offering 'adventures in learning' at new summer camp program

As part of its new summer camp program, the Elk County Catholic School System is offering a plethora of camps ranging from sports, arts, language arts, instrumental music, liturgical and choral choirs to drama, science and geography.The 18 different camps are open to all area students, including those visiting St. Marys for the summer. Camps are spread throughout the summer to allow interested students the opportunity to participate in multiple camps. "Learning is lifelong, it just isn't from September till June, and this is an opportunity to let kids learn and also to delve into areas they may have not experienced before, whether it's science, art or music," said Fr. Michael Ferrick, ECCSS president. Each camp takes place for one week from 1-2 hours per day, except for the drama camp, in which students host a performance at the conclusion of the camp. Costs range from $20-$75 per camp, with registration brochures available at local Catholic schools and area parishes as well as on the school system website, Camps will be held at the Catholic elementary, middle and high school buildings.