Elk viewing season in Elk and Cameron counties

CAMERON COUNTY - On this cool and damp evening just before dark, the elk are just screaming out in the field. These bulls are bugling to establish dominance and attract cows (females). You can hear other elk bugling in the woods nearby, too. As it gets dark, the sounds seem to magnify. It is the rut for these large, majestic animals. Here in Cameron County, at the Hicks Run Wildlife Viewing Area, Bureau of Forestry, employees are available most Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings to share their knowledge of elk and other wildlife. There is a wide assortment of educational items to view and touch, such as: deer and elk hides, elk antlers and skulls, deer and elk teeth and much more.There are several wildlife viewing sites across the area where you may see elk or other wildlife: Beaver Dam, Hoover Farm, Sinnemahoning State Park, Dents Run, Gilbert Farm and the Elk Country Visitors Center. Here are some tips for wildlife watching to make your viewing experience more enjoyable:Approach wildlife slowly and maintain an appropriate distance; Use binoculars and telephoto lenses to get a closer view; Turn off cell phones; Don't chase or corner wildlife, whether on foot or in a motorized vehicle; Don't touch or feed wild animals; Talk quietly and don't make loud noises or imitate animal sounds;