End of watch: Officer Straub laid to rest

Photo by Amy Cherry – Law enforcement personnel salute Officer Patrick Straub’s casket following a funeral service on Friday in St. Marys. Photo by Amy Cherry – Police and ambulance vehicles from area agencies formed a lengthy procession as they escorted Officer Patrick Straub’s casket to the St. Boniface Cemetery in Kersey. Straub, a resident of Kersey, was killed Monday in a motor vehicle accident while off-duty. He was a five-year veteran of the DuBois City Police Department.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Mourners gathered to remember Officer Patrick Straub, 33, of Kersey during a Friday afternoon funeral service attended by family, friends, police officers, and government officials.
Dozens of area law enforcement personnel lined up outside the Sacred Heart Parish Center in St. Marys. They silently saluted Straub’s casket as it was transported to the hearse.
The sounds of “Amazing Grace” played on a bagpipe by Sandy Township Police Chief Don Routch filled the air.
“Today the community showed a renewed sense of dignity and respect for law enforcement in a world where they’re not always respected for the work and service they do for our community,” said Rev. Ross Miceli, pastor of St. Boniface Church in Kersey and funeral service celebrant.
Straub, a five-year veteran of the DuBois City Police Department and officer with the Sandy Township Police Department, was among two-drivers killed in a motor vehicle accident on Monday evening in Jefferson County.
Straub was a former deputy sheriff with the Elk County Sheriff’s Office from 2007-2014 and also worked for the Emporium Borough Police Department.
He is survived by his wife Bridget (Herbstritt) and their three-year-old daughter, Ella Mae Straub, both of Kersey.
DuBois City Police Department Assistant Chief Sgt. Dustin Roy spoke at the funeral service emphasizing how Straub was well liked by those in the department.
Roy relayed a touching story describing when one of his son’s questioned him about why they were sitting outside the funeral home waiting to pay their respects during Straub’s viewing. Roy explained they were doing so because Pat would often sit outside the homes of community members during the holidays to make sure they were safe and so they could enjoy their family’s time together.
During the service Straub’s wife was presented with an American flag.
Local residents also paid their respects as they observed the funeral proceedings outside of the parish center.
An array of police and ambulance vehicles from numerous agencies, with some traveling from as far away as Pittsburgh, formed a lengthy procession en route to Straub’s final resting place at the St. Boniface Cemetery in Kersey.
Fr. Miceli performed a graveside committal ceremony at the gravesite.
Patrick, a son of Charles and Patricia Wise Straub of Wattsburg, was a 2003 graduate of the Mercyhurst North East Police Academy.


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