Expanded options for sewer bill payment

Staff Writer

The City of St. Marys and Farmers National Bank are partnering to make paying sewer bills more convenient for residents.
Beginning April 1, sewer bill payments will be accepted at the St. Marys branch of Farmers National Bank located at 10 N. Michael St., St. Marys. This partnership will allow residents to receive the friendly courteous service they are accustomed to while providing more options for payment, including Saturday hours and the ability to utilize the drive-thru.
Residents are reminded that they must bring their bill or the top portion of the bill with them when making a payment. This will allow for efficient processing of sewer bills and ensure that sewer payments are kept separate from water payments. If a resident does not have their bill, they must be able to provide the name and service address they are providing payment for.
While residents still have the option to mail payments to the Sewer Office using the pre-printed envelopes provided with their sewer bill, Farmers National Bank will also accept payments by mail. Payments can still be placed in the overnight slot located on LaFayette Street, or residents can choose to pay their sewer bills online with the Direct Pay Plan.
Residents who have questions are encouraged to contact the City Sewer Office at 814-781-8452.