First phase of Kaulmont Park project completed

Phase one of the Kaulmont Park project wrapped up last week with the planting of a number of trees around the park's walking trail. Clythera Hornung, secretary and treasurer for the Shade Tree Commission, explained that the trees were chosen because they represent 18 native Pennsylvania trees. "Our goal is to have examples of each of the 50 to 60 native Pa. tree species that are hardy to this area. We plan to seek funding to continue this project in the future," Hornung said. The trees are part of a tree identification program and will not become memorial trees. According to Hornung, identification plaques will be placed near each tree and will contain its common and Latin name. "The plaques will be on 4x4 posts in a style similar to what we have on the trees at Benzinger Park. The Shade Tree Commission has established a tree identification trail at Benzinger Park in 2009. The wooded walking path from the Vine Road side toward the softball fields has 18 standards that identify a variety of native Pa. trees. The trees at Kaulmont will have similar identification plaques," Hornung said. The 4x4 posts were put in place when the trees were planted and the name plates will be added as soon as they are finished. Other items that were added during phase one of the project were new play equipment and a walking trail. Tina Gradizzi, community and economic development coordinator, remarked that no funding has been secured yet for the next phase of the project. "We're hoping to get the committee back together soon to discuss the proposed projects and then apply for funding. As with all grant funding, you never know when it's going to be awarded. Phase two could take another year or two," Gradizzi said. Gradizzi also noted that several positive comments have been received regarding the work completed for phase one of the project. "The area is more inviting and safer and the pathway gets used quite a bit. I think people are very pleased with the improvements. One resident has offered to be on our committee, which is wonderful. Hats off to the many, many people who made this project possible," Gradizzi said.She added that once the trees are planted, the Kaulmont Park Committee plans to hold a short ceremony to acknowledge all the workers as well as the donors for the project. According to Gradizzi, some of the projects that will be discussed for phase two include lighting upgrades, parking lot improvements, security and skating pond enhancements. "We'll have a more definite plan once the committee meets," Gradizzi said. For more on this story, see the Oct. 30 edition of The Daily Press.