Flood rages through Ridgway

Early Wednesday morning, the Borough of Ridgway was faced with one of its worst floods since January of 1992. Emergency Management and the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department decided at 4 a.m. Wednesday to activate the Emergency Operations Plan as the raging Clarion River flooded the West End of downtown Ridgway. The flooding forced the borough to close the Clarion River Bridge and many of the streets in downtown Ridgway, including Center Street, Vine Alley, the majority of West End, and Route 219 by Lindberg Furniture. “The fire chief and Emergency Management were monitoring the water levels of the river all night,” said emergency management director Ray Imhoff. “At about four in the morning, when there started to be a rather rapid rise in the water, we instituted the emergency plan.“The Emergency Operations Plan calls out to the fire department, which calls out essential borough personnel and they basically took it from there.”Water levels began to subside yesterday afternoon. “The water level is dropping, although slowly, but it is dropping,” Imhoff said.At the time, Imhoff was uncertain of how long it would take for the water to reach its normal level.For more on this story see the Dec. 2 edition of The Daily Press.