Former art student and teacher working on opening Gallery 29

Photo by Amy Cherry - Jesse Gradl, shown on the right, and Pete Winklbauer, on the left, have been working together to open Gallery 29, a new art gallery set to open before the end of the year in downtown St. Marys.
Staff Writer

Plans for a new art gallery in downtown St. Marys are quickly progressing with
Gallery 29 offering a one-stop shop featuring a gallery in the front of the building along with a lessons studio and framing shop in the rear.
Owner Jesse Gradl has enlisted the help of his former teacher Pete Winklbauer, who recently retired after teaching art for 47 years at Elk County Catholic High School.
Together the pair are working on opening Gallery 29 inside the former Sorg law office building at the corner of South St. Marys Street and W. Mill St.
Gradl said they hope to open by the end of the year.