Fourth case of COVID-19 confirmed in Elk County

Staff Writer

There has been another new case of COVID-19 in Elk County, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s noon update today. Elk County has now had four cases of COVID-19. In addition to the four positive cases, there have also been 171 negative tests. Recovery data is not being tracked by the state and is therefore unavailable. Zip code data for Elk County, available on the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website, continues to show only three county zip codes as having positive cases: the St. Marys zip code of 15857, the Ridgway zip code of 15853, and the Kersey zip code of 15846. The number of positive and/or negative cases for each zip code is displayed as “redacted” if it is between 1-4, therefore, it is unable to be determined which of the three zip codes the new positive case is in.