Fox residents pose inquiries about speed limits, seismic testing

Fox Township Supervisors answered visitors' inquiries and addressed business items at their most recent meeting.Rose Ranno was one of the visitors in attendance at the meeting. Last month she expressed concern about vehicles speeding along a portion of SR 948 near her home located near Main Street in Kersey, as well as about how alleyways are classified within the township. Ranno suggested the speed limit be lowered, as it is currently posted as 35 miles per hour in that area on SR 948.Fox Township Secretary Kathy Dowie said the township does not own nor is in charge of maintaining the alley to which Ranno is referring, located behind her residence. Public Works Director and Supervisor Randy Gradizzi said alleys were figured into subdivision plans years ago and the township is only responsible for it once it has been dedicated to the township. Dowie added the property owner has to make a claim to it.Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller stated the alleyway is likely considered abandoned property if Ranno or her neighbors are not paying taxes on it, which she said she was not.Gradizzi emphasized the alleyway likely belongs to whoever created the subdivision.Dave Wolfe inquired about seismic testing occurring in the area. Gradizzi explained that EQT is conducting 3D seismic surveys of a large area encompassing Fox, Horton and Highland townships. He said 2D testing has already been done on the area. As part of the process, Gradizzi explained that crews drill down between 20 and 30 feet, set off a small charge and obtain information from sensors which record the vibrations made by underground formations and provide a clearer imagine than 2D. EQT is asking local residents for access to their property in order to conduct such tests. A majority of the property is used to set sensors on. Wolfe said he was approached by EQT to access his property located on the grade. "My advice is to get a lawyer before giving up any right-of-way to your property," Keller advised.Gradizzi added there is plenty of information Wolfe can read up on about the issue.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz stated that when speaking with the company, Wolfe should remind drilling or drilling-related companies about the township's new drilling ordinance.The supervisors established that trick-or-treat in Fox Twp. will take place Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 from 6 to 8 p.m. A parade will begin at 5 p.m. at the Fox Twp. Firehall and conclude at the Fox Twp. Community Park.All individuals, groups or organizations interested in beginning to plan Fox Twp.'s 200th anniversary, taking place in 2013, are encouraged to attend a meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 26 beginning at 6 p.m. at the Fox Twp. Firehall.