Fox supervisors address new items

The Fox Township Supervisors briefly addressed the possibility of amending the township's zoning ordinance to address windmills and gas drilling wells. They discussed holding a work session to obtain public input on the issue.Supervisor Randy Gradizzi said that many of the entities involved must come before the board to obtain a conditional use permit. It is at that time that the township can establish specific property setbacks."We need to get rolling on this. It's needed," Gradizzi said.He noted that one company is currently working on securing leases for a wind farm they hope to build in Elk County. The wind farm is speculated to start in Ridgway and continue into St. Marys and across property to Boone Mountain Road in Fox Township. Gradizzi said the original leased property may be test site locations for five years, and may turn into longer leased sites of 50 years.The supervisors plan to meet with the township's planning commission on Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. to further discuss the matter. While there are currently five volunteers serving on the Toby Water Advisory Board, the supervisors discussed creating an ordinance making the board official to allow for the appointment of new members to the board and the publicizing of meeting notices.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz introduced the topic at the recent meeting. The supervisors agreed that five members is an ideal amount for the board and that members only need to be a resident of the township, not necessarily a Toby Water customer. They emphasized the need for a secretary to record the group's meeting minutes. The board also plans to review their emergency management plan in the near future. They also approved advertising the flood plain ordinance for adoption in the near future.Under new business, Mattiuz said he would like to see a formal rental fee schedule established in a resolution for all recreational park facilities.Deb Agosti, facilities manager, said such fees are established every January by the Recreation Board. She added the board plans to vote on this year's fees on Thursday evening.For more information on this story, see the Jan. 7th edition of The Daily Press.