Fox Supervisors amend parking lot project

KERSEY - The Fox Township Supervisors discussed modifications to the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) pertaining to an addition to the Fox Township Senior Center parking lot.Township secretary Kathie Dowie explained the township was awarded a $68,000 CDBG grant for the project in 2009 which would include paving of a lower lot behind the center, as well as installation of lights and a flight of stairs connecting the lower parking lot to the upper lot which leads to the center.According to Dowie, the county bids out the project and nothing has been bid out yet, because work could not be done in the fall due to weather concerns. Because of the delay in the project, there has been a significant increase in price quotes for paving, estimated at $60,000. Additionally the concrete steps are estimated to cost $20,000.Dowie noted that with this increase, there is an option of lessening the scope of the project because the grant money will not cover all of the project costs."There is a small chance they (the county) could come up with additional funding, but that's not a given," Dowie said.Fox Township Supervisor and Roadmaster Randy Gradizzi suggested putting in steps and lighting now and leaving the parking lot as a gravel lot, then reapply for CDBG funding for the paving portion of the project. He said that when the township reapplies for the same funding next year, their project is likely to be placed higher on the list as it is a continuation of a previous project.Gradizzi explained that if there is excess funding left over from the steps and lights installation, that amount can be put toward the paving project. "The steps are the key to the project," Gradizzi said, adding that they allow people more convenient access to the upper parking lot rather than having to walk the entire way around the driveway. Supervisor Mike Keller asked if there was an alternate material to construct the steps from rather than concrete, proposing such options as wood or prefabricated metal or steel steps. Gradizzi said using concrete for the steps would serve a secondary purpose in supporting the retaining wall at the site.A motion was approved for the township to perform all of the site work, including installing the lighting conduit under the asphalt and excavating the area for the steps.The project is expected to go out to bid soon, as construction must start this year as a stipulation of the funding. The next meeting of the Fox Township Supervisors is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6 at 6 p.m.