Fox supervisors approve bids, use of facilities

Among the many items approved by the Fox Township Supervisors during their most recent meeting were paving bids and the use of facilities.The supervisors approved a request to use the community park for the Fox Township Farmer's Market taking place from 4-6 p.m. on Thursdays from June through October, weather permitting.Debby Agosti, recreational facilities director, noted there have been changes for vendors. The change requires that vendors who sell baked goods must have produced them in a state-certified kitchen. Supervisor Dave Mattiuz proposed a motion citing one of the rule's in the Farmers Market guidelines, which should state that Fox Township and not just Fox Township Park is not responsible for specific incidents, such as theft, etc., occurring at the event. The supervisors approved amending the change in the rules.The supervisors reviewed bids for paving and seal coating. The winning paving bid, which will be done on Hayes Road, was awarded to G.O. Hawbaker for $159,925. Additional paving bids were received from HRI, Inc. for $179,900; from New Enterprise Stone and Lime for $182,000; and from Jefferson Paving for $221,000. The bituminous seal coat bid, which includes a double application, was awarded to Hager Paving for $45,900. Additional bids were submitted by Jefferson Paving for $46,300, New Enterprise Stone and Lime for $54,300 and from G.O. Hawbaker for $60,100.Supervisor and roadmaster Randy Gradizzi said HRI Inc. was the only company who submitted a bid for the fiber-reinforced seal coating at a cost of $70,000. This new process incorporates fiberglass inlaid between seal coats and is made to last longer. Under new business, the board approved a notice stating the rates under the current hospitalization plan for the township will increase to 4.4 percent for the new contract year running July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.Don Ruffner of the Fox Township Recreation Board informed the supervisors that the board is compiling a list of projects in which they may need assistance from the township's road crew.

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