Fox supervisors approve business items

During their recent meeting, the Fox Township Supervisors approved several bids, correspondence items and discussed unfinished business. While reviewing bids for equipment leases, supervisor Dave Mattiuz questioned why the township finds it necessary to rent equipment. He said that he found since January 2010, the township has spent $121,000 on equipment rentals.Roadmaster and fellow supervisor Randy Gradizzi said a lot of the rentals are needed due to time constraints."Most of our trucks are set up for salting and anti-skid, so this is when a tandem and triaxle truck come in handy," Gradizzi said. "We do a lot of jobs in-house and it would cost us a lot more if we would have to bid entire projects out."Gradizzi added that this year, the only equipment the township rented was for use in setting manholes and for sewer line extensions."We're not going to need to rent a lot of equipment this year," Gradizzi said.Fellow supervisor Mike Keller added that if the township would have purchased an excavator five years ago, when he initially proposed the idea, the machinery could be paid for by now, as well as having a trained operator to employ the machinery. "It wasn't the mindset of the board at the time," Keller said. "We don't need one for the immediate future, but I think we ought to examine purchasing it if we have any large project in the future."At the beginning of the meeting, the board reviewed equipment leases. Pollino Excavating was awarded bids for a 40,000-pound excavator costing $79 per hour without an operator; a D4 bulldozer for $69 per hour with an operator; and a triaxle truck for $67. Bids for a tandem truck were at $62 each between Vollmer Brothers and Dowie Skip Steer. Gradizzi noted that he will rotate which business between the two he contacts for projects.Also, Bucktail Excavators was awarded the winning bid, with prices including $15.96 per 4,000 tons of 1B, $13.21 for five thousand tons of 2A limestone and 500 tons of number three limestone for $16.96 a ton. HR/WRC Whitaker was awarded the winning bid for $3.28 per gallon for MC70 Dust Oil.Under unfinished business, Mattiuz, said he is still not happy with the wording of the draft ordinance regarding a savings plan for the township.Keller explained that as part of this process, the township began working on the project for two main reasons. "One reason for the savings plan is to save money as a priority rather than as whatever is left over, and to preserve money and interest that is saved to use when the landfill is done," Keller explained. "The interest will be used to help balance the general fund budget and the principal can only be used if the supervisors deem it an emergency, such as a road project, etc."As part of the savings plan, amounts of up to $1.7 million will have 25 percent set aside, amounts from $1.7 to $2.1 million will have 30 percent set aside and amounts over $2.1 million will have 35 percent set aside.Notice has been received by the township stating that Steve Skrzypek has been appointed by the governor as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Fox Township.