Fox supervisors approve emergency management plan

Fox Township adopted an emergency management plan during the regular township supervisors' meeting Wednesday evening.Fox Twp. Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Skrzypek explained the basic plan falls under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and does not lock the township into one manner of action. "The NIMS system allows for leeway for the township to take action as needed or to fit their plan into a larger plan, such as a county or state plan," Skrzypek said.Also under new business, the township was recently notified their hospitalization premiums will increase by 16.9 percent on July 1. In addition, EOG has agreed to pay for the application of dust oil on Boone Mountain Road from state Route 153 to the stone camp.Under unfinished business, the township approved a resolution adopting the Elk County Hazard Mitigation Plan.A proposal from HRG was approved for the company to conduct structurally deficient building reviews in the instance that a resident is in violation and hires their own engineer; HRG will then verify if the building is in violation. The company would not be utilized for all buildings, just on an as-needed basis.Supervisor Mike Keller said the township will also look into adjusting their ordinance to allow the township to recoup their cost of utilizing HRG.