Fox Supervisors discuss savings plan

During Wednesday evening's Fox Township Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Dave Mattiuz updated the board on additional changes made to the draft to the township's proposed saving plan ordinance."Something caused some concern about the report on the landfill's income," Mattiuz said.He noted the income at Veolia Landfill, located in Fox Township, has not increased as anticipated. Mattiuz explained that if this trend continues the township will come out $200,000 below budget. This prompted Mattiuz to propose an addition to the saving plan ordinance which basically takes into consideration the income of the landfill within the last four quarters. "This would allow us to more accurately predict their future income," said Mike Keller, supervisor chairman.Fox Township Supervisor and Roadmaster Randy Gradizzi inquired about where the funds for upgrading equipment fit into the savings plan. Gradizzi said he would like the plan to state that a certain amount of the savings is allocated for such projects."We can't overlook that," Gradizzi noted."We will keep adding to the plan till we get it right," Keller replied. "We can't afford to rush this."Township secretary Kathy Dowie will add information to the plan in reference to equipment upgrades."The intent of the ordinance is to put savings first and do what we want with the rest, spread it across the budget," Keller added. "We need to get it the way we like it with the right language, then have our solicitor review it."After meeting in a brief executive session, the supervisors announced they will not take any action in reference to a "payment for services" agreement submitted by Vollmer Tar and Chip for the paving project at the park.Keller said the township had already signed a contract with the company and feels they should not have to sign a new contract.Also under unfinished business, Gradizzi furnished the supervisors with prices obtained for trailers which will be used for recycling purposes. A 7x16' trailer, dual-axel trailer costs $5,000 and a 6x12', single-axel trailer costs $3,200. The board approved the purchase of the 6x12' trailer.