Fox supervisors propose 2019 budget

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Pennsylvania State Police Sgt. Daniels was in attendance at the Fox Township Supervisors meeting seeking input from the supervisors and residents as to specific issues of concern.
Daniels stated there has been no criminal activity out of the ordinary occurring in the township. He cited typical retail theft incidents at Walmart and a small amount of drug activity.
Overweight trucks traveling on Skyline Drive was brought up as a concern to which Daniels replied many trucks drivers are utilizing that road due to directions on their GPS devices.
The township’s proposed 2019 general fund budget is $1,261,230, a slight increase from last year’s budget of due to inflation. There are no new expenses in this year’s budget.
This year the township will receive $755,000 from the landfill, as compared to last year’s $799,000, which the supervisors initially budgeted for this year. This revenue stream has decreased consistently over the past 10 years. Township Secretary Kathie Dowie recalled the highest the township has ever received from the landfill was $2.7 million.

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