Fox Township residents inquire about dust, sewage problems

KERSEY - Visitors at the recent Fox Township Supervisors meeting expressed their concern over a dusty road, raw sewage and the junk ordinance.Thomas McQuown, owner of a camp on Boone Mountain Road, stated that he has been experiencing dust problems, partially due to vehicles speeding along the road. He requested the township tar and chip the road in order to alleviate the problem, which he said is only going to get worse once the large water trucks travel the road as part of the gas and oil drilling projects. "Something's gotta be done. The day and age of letting the dust fly is over. It's a little too much," McQuown said. "Why can't these companies take care of the dust control?"He also said the township runs the grader over the road on a frequent basis, which results in creating a fresh coat of dust.McQuown emphasized that the problem will be taken care of, whether by the township or if he has to enact the assistance of another government agency. He added that the dust is likely a violation of the state's Clean Air Act.Supervisor Mike Keller said the township will look into the matter and explained that each year the township must create a budget for projects and cannot decide to do such a project on the fly.Fellow supervisor and Fox Township Roadmaster Randy Gradizzi explained the grader has to go over the road in order to alleviate the bumps and holes left in it. McQuown said there is very little dust kicked up by cars traveling 25 miles per hour; however, this becomes a problem when vehicles speed down the road at 50 miles per hour. He noted the holes in the road are the only deterrent for vehicles to slow down on the road.Fox Township residents Sheri and Jerry Shrefler addressed the supervisors about a septic issue. Sheri explained that a house across the road from where they live is leaking sewage, which collects in a ditch near their driveway. "There is black water in the ditch. It's unhealthy and it smells," she said. "Nothing has been done about it and we don't know what the holdup is."Sheri noted that they complained about the problem over a year ago.She added that the neighbors have had gravel sitting in their yard for over a year, which is to be used to alleviate their sewage problem.Fox Township Code Enforcement Officer Robin Singer said he has spent a considerable amount of time in the Shreflers' neighborhood. Singer explained their neighbors have said they plan to fix their sewage problem this summer. He added that if this work is not completed, there is an option of fining them; however, this still does not solve the problem. "We are trying to work with everyone. This is more than one individual problem," Singer said. "A system has been designed for that area and residents have started buying some of the products (to fix the problem)."According to Singer, one resident in their neighborhood did have his sewage repaired. "We just want it to get done," said Jerry Shrefler of the current septic situation.Keller said Singer will follow up on the septic issue.