Fox Twp. addresses business items

In addressing unfinished business matters, the Fox Township supervisors discussed the request from Jay Township to form a partnership in sharing a Code Enforcement Officer and Sewage Enforcement Officer. Jay supervisors noted they have three other proposals to review, but were awaiting Fox Twp.'s response. The supervisors agreed to inform the Jay Twp. supervisors that they are not interested in the partnership at this time, but may revisit the topic in the future. Supervisor Dave Mattiuz reported on the initial meeting, held Wednesday, Oct. 26, for the Fox Twp. 200th anniversary celebration taking place in 2013. Mattiuz said he was disappointed with the turnout for the informal meeting, as only 14 people were in attendance. A date for the event has been set for June 28-30, 2013, the weekend before Independence Day, and also chosen to coincide with the Tri County Firemen's Celebration, which Fox Twp. is also hosting. As part of the celebration, the Fox Twp. Fire Dept. will be organizing a parade and hosting a barbecue cookoff. A second meeting has been set for Jan. 18 at p.m. at the Fox Twp. Fire Hall. Local churches, organizations and businesses are encouraged to participate. Mattiuz said he hopes more people show up for the second meeting. He added the group is looking into possibly moving the date of the township's Independence Day fireworks up one week to coincide with the anniversary celebration. In addition, several visitors spoke at the meeting. Among them was Mark Wittman, who inquired about the progress of the township's dangerous building ordinance.Code Enforcement Officer Rob Singer said there were originally six buildings on the list. To date, one of them has been demolished and the others are in various states, including one property going through a tax sale and one property changing ownership. "We had decent success with the ordinance this year," Singer said.Singer said he will go around the township after the first of the year to review more properties.Resident Pat Minard voiced his support of the township allowing Elk County Catholic's soccer team to utilize the field at the Fox Twp. Community Park and that it seemed like a miscommunication between facilities director Deb Agosti and the supervisors. Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller replied that the Recreation Board is in charge of scheduling the park activities; however, they require them to notify the supervisors when the rec board engages in agreements, such as the use of the soccer fields."We have never denied the use of facilities to anyone," Keller said.He added the board of supervisors needs to have the final say in such agreements and agreed with Minard that communication is important."The main reason we have the park is for people to use it," Keller said. Resident Christine Geci inquired if the disciplinary action taken against Agosti was a result of a new issue or procedure in place which Agosti may have not been aware of.