Fox Twp. budget available for review

On Wednesday evening the Fox Township Supervisors approved to advertise the proposed 2012 budget, which has no tax increase and totals $2.39 million in expenses from all funds.The budget is available for review on the township's website at within the next week. Hard copies are also available at the township office.The budget's general fund balances with $1,293,808 in income and expenses.Among general fund income sources are $747,812 cash transfer from landfill host fee; $295,500 collected from earned income tax; $87,000 in current real estate; $25,200 state pension aid; $15,500 for building/zoning permits; $10,000 in park concession stand sales; $7,500 rent of community building; $1,750 liquor license; $1,000 sewage applications and $1,000 from rental of park facilities.General fund expenses include $200,000 for road maintenance supplies; $192,950 in hospitalization; $60,000 fuel for equipment; $40,000 for snow and ice removal supplies; $30,000 for PHEAA wages (summer workers); $22,400 in pensions; $22,000 for street lights; $20,296 for garbage collection; $13,500 for senior center electric and heat; $12,000 for park capital improvements; $7,625 for community building operating expenses and $6,000 for supervisors' salaries.Salaries of various township employees include $50,428 for public works director; $44,611 for secretary/treasurer; $3,000 landfill inspector; $47,018 code enforcement officer; $152,038 for road maintenance wages, as well as an additional $17,780 in overtime; $32,545 for recreation facilities director and $12,545 for recreation assistant director.The landfill host fee account budget balances out at $1,776,962. Sources of income from the fund include $1,535,000 for the landfill hose fees to the township; a balance of $212,962; $15,000 generated in interest; $8,000 from recyclable sales; and $1,535,000 and $6,000 for loan repayments.A portion of the landfill host fee account was used for such expenses as road maintenance projects, $28,130; paving, $277,800; solid waste collection expenses, $5,000; cash transfers to general fund, $747,812; transfer to investments, $275,000; and contributions to community development, including $75,000 for the sewer authority, $2,299 for the Bicentennial Celebration, $197,921 for park development, which is carried over from previous budgets, $45,000 for the fire department equipment reserve and $20,000 for the ambulance reserve.

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