Fox Twp. establishes dog rules inside parks

On Wednesday evening the Fox Township Supervisors approved a motion allowing dogs inside township parks. As part of the agreement, canine owners are required to complete a facility use permission/liability waiver each year they wish to bring their dogs to a township park.The waiver form consists of the owner's name, address, city, state, zip and phone number, as well as their dog's name, breed and coat color. Owners are required attach a copy of their dog's vaccine records and dog license. They must also sign the document, stating they understand the rules and regulations.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz cast the sole opposing vote. "I don't believe parks are the proper place to have dogs running around when you have young people and elderly people," Mattiuz said. "When the park was established years ago, people on the park board and the supervisors posted it as a 'no dogs allowed.' When I wanted to enforce it, they decided to make dogs allowed."The idea to draft a set of dog park rules was Mattiuz's idea several months ago. From there the township and recreation board worked together in creating a set of rules. This document was forwarded to the township solicitor for review. The recreation board made no changes to the final document.

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