Fox Twp. meets with television co. reps

The Fox Township Supervisors recently met with representatives of the St. Marys Television Company to discuss service issues which were relayed to them by a number of township residents/subscribers. Supervisor Dave Mattiuz reported the results of that meeting during Wednesday evening's monthly supervisors' meeting."The biggest thing is calling in after hours. There was no one available to speak to," Mattiuz said. "This problem was supposedly solved as of 5 p.m. tonight."He added that now when customers contact the television company after regular business hours, they should pick option four in order to speak with a live representative to report any issues with their service.According to Mattiuz, company representatives said there have been problems with some of their equipment, which they have replaced. Problems have also been encountered with broadcast signals."Upgrades are in the works," Mattiuz said.He noted that within the next two months, the company plans to offer a digital package as part of subscribers' current regular service. High-definition will also be available.Subscribers also stated the sound quality is very poor during the re-broadcast of the Fox Township Supervisor meetings. A representative recording the meeting stated the company is very receptive to customers' concerns and is happy to work with the township in the future in addressing any of their issues.