Fox Twp. Supervisors mull sharing code inspectors

During Thursday evening's Fox Township Supervisors meeting, the board discussed the possibility of entering into an inter-municipal agreement with Jay Township for Sewage Enforcement Office and building code inspector services.Jay Twp. recently proposed the request to Fox Twp.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz noted his disapproval of the idea, stating Fox Twp.'s Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Robin Singer maintains a busy schedule with his work within the township.Supervisor and Public Works Director Randy Gradizzi said he is not completely opposed to the idea."We talked about this issue back when the township chose to opt in for the building code," Gradizzi said.Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller said Singer is busy each day and the agreement would depend on how much extra time he can spare. "Inter-municipal cooperation is the way to go," Keller said.Mattiuz questioned how such new responsibilities may impact Singer's performance in Fox Twp.Gradizzi suggested he and Singer discuss how any issues could be worked out. Singer added that he can obtain information on the number of permits issued within Jay Twp. "In Fox Twp., we see between 40-50 building permits each year," Singer said.While discussing applications to rent park facilities, the application from Elk County Catholic High School garnered discussion by the board. For the past three to four years, ECCHS has rented the Angela Huey Soccer Field, located inside the Fox Township Community Park, to play their varsity soccer matches.An agreement is in place between the Fox Twp. Soccer Association and ECCHS that ECCHS soccer players will referee youth soccer matches at the park, and in return the association pays the township Recreation Board for the cost of the field and lights when used by the school.