Funding extension for senior center approved

Due to several funding inadequacies due to unfavorable economic times, county commissioners voted Wednesday to redirect allocated monies for the continuation of a project for Bennetts Valley Senior Center."For the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) fiscal year 2007 contract, we received a five-year contract from the state [government] and we're to spend the money in three years," said Tracy D. Gerber, CDBG coordinator for the county's planning department. "The contract deadline to expend the funds was actually near the end of this year. We have an outstanding project from 2007, the Bennetts Valley Senior Center, and there's been some delay in funding in that project. What I've asked the commissioners to do is basically swap the money. "We had given some funds to the Elk County [Housing] Rehabilitation Program for 2010 and because of having to spend this money so quickly, we're going to swap the money to give the senior center a little bit more time for their funding."According to documentation, currently there is a balance of $25,134.34 remaining in the fiscal year 2007 contract. The Bennetts Valley Senior Center project, which is being funded with multi-year CDBG funding, unfortunately has been delayed numerous times along the way because of funding shortfalls due to hard economic times.This project is expected to go out for bid as soon as funding through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is contracted. According to a letter received from the USDA by the Bennetts Valley Senior Center, located along Kennedy Street in Byrnedale, the funding is expected at the beginning of 2011. Because of this delay, a revision has been submitted to commit an additional $2,493 in administration, which brings officials to the maximum of 18 percent, and use the remaining $22,641.34 for the Elk County Housing Rehabilitation Program (ECHRP).Elk County's fiscal year 2010 application has also been revised to reflect these changes. The monies originally allocated to the ECHRP in fiscal year 2010 will now be redirected to the Bennetts Valley Senior Center project to provide additional time.For more on this story, see the Nov. 4 edition of The Daily Press.