Gabler discusses newly planted trees on Diamond

Area residents have probably noticed by now that older trees located on the Diamond were recently removed and replaced with younger, healthier trees. City Councilman Rick Gabler commented briefly on the matter during Monday evening's city council meeting. Gabler remarked that council members had received e-mails about the plan to remove the trees, an action that was completed earlier this month. According to a release that was previously issued by the city's Shade Tree Commission, the trees that were removed were a Norway maple and a Red maple. "On the Diamond, the old trees needed to be taken down," Gabler said. "The Shade Tree Commission was concerned a few weeks ago that people would see that and say, 'Oh my goodness, where did the trees on the Diamond go?'" He noted that the main concern for removing the trees was the hazard that was presented if portions of their limbs were to fall on passersby."They were diseased or old and losing branches. [Because of] the risk factor of having people walking underneath, they needed to be taken down. It was the right thing to do," Gabler said.