Gas companies looking to conduct seismic testing throughout Jay Twp.

A representative of Elexco Land Services was present at Thursday's meeting of the Jay Township Board of Supervisors seeking a use permit in order to conduct seismic testing on the township's more than 50 miles of roads. Raymond Ullrich of Elexco explained that his company was commissioned by EQT to procure the seismic testing permits. "I thought I was just coming here [to Thursday's meeting of the board] to pick up the permit to take back and have it bonded," Ullrich said. Instead Ullrich spent the better part of an hour fielding questions from residents about what the project entailed. Supervisor Murray K. Lilley said that similar testing had been done before on Caledonia Road and that this time, with 50 miles of township road involved, they would be "looking at a bond in excess of a million dollars."