Greene comments on parking garage rumors

Contrary to a number of rumors City Manager Dave Greene indicated are making their way around town, work is still underway on the Depot Street parking garage and the project deadline has not been extended from its original completion date of the first week of July. Greene addressed rumors about the project during city council's meeting on Monday evening. St. Marys resident Jerry Marshall inquired at the meeting about rumors that work on the project has stopped because the workers were not being paid and had walked off the job.Greene responded that the project is being managed by the city and all of the contractors are being paid in full. "We're just waiting for the frost to come out of the ground so they can start pouring concrete," Greene said. "They were supposed to start this week, but it looks like the weather is going to be bad, so they said probably next week they'll start back up."Greene also indicated that he had recently received a phone call from an individual who had heard that Gov. Corbett had pulled all of the state money from the parking garage project. "That's not true either," Greene said. He added that workers are expected to resume laying blocks for the project next week.