Greene indicates retaining wall issues will be addressed

Residents exiting State Street at its intersection with SR 255 have likely noticed by now that a portion of the retaining wall near Ace Auto Rental, 344 S. St. Marys St., has come loose and is lying on the sidewalk. According to City Manager Dave Greene, the wall is not city property and instead belongs to Ace Auto Rental. "It's their wall," Greene said. Greene remarked that the company recently notified the city that they are getting a contractor to look at the damaged wall; however, he also indicated that there are several issues being taken into consideration regarding how plans for addressing the problems with the structure will move forward. "There's a couple things they're looking at. One thing, that's an area that the state is looking at maybe taking that property, but they're also getting a price on repairing that wall and replacing it," Greene said.