High power competition kicks off at Ridgway Rifle Club

The NRA National Silhouette Championships continued with the high power events beginning Thursday at the Ridgway Rifle Club high power range.In high power standard rifle, Angelica Kuess Davila (Laredo, Texas) was the match winner with a score of 33. Fred Kielbowick (Ridgway) was second overall with a 33 and Enrique Kuess Jr. (Laredo, Texas) was third with a 33. William Zander (Houston, Texas) was the master class champion with a 32. Eric Boos (Little Rock, Wash.) was second with a 31 and Mark Pharr (Round Rock, Texas) was third with a 30. Wally Howard (Hazel Hurst) placed fourth with a 29 and Kenneth M. Haupricht (Johnsonburg) was fifth with a 29. Peter Sedman (Clifford, Ontario, Canada) had a sixth-place mark at 28 and Laura Goetsch (Whites Creek, Tenn.) was seventh at 28. Greg Engel (Flossmoor, Ill.) was eighth at 27 and Dennis Martinen (Yakima, Wash.) had a ninth-place mark at 25. Lee O'Neil (Brush, Colo.) took 10th at 25. In AAA class, Jorge Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was the class winner with a 29. Ron Bain (New Haven, Mo.) was second at 28 and Matt Pavlik (Russellton) was third at 28. Brad Maxwell (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) took fourth with a 27 and Carlos Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) was fifth at 25. Luke Johnson (Marysville) was sixth with a 24 and Ken Haupricht (Johnsonburg) was seventh at 23. Brian Wakefield (Smethport) was eighth at 23 and John Shaw (Blackwood, N.J.) took ninth at 23. In AA class, Adam Hostetler (Lebanon, Pa.) was the class winner with a 26. Brian Launer (Johnsonburg) was second with a 25 and Benny Grigg (Shelby, N.C.) was third with a 25. Alan Finley (Calhoun, La.) was fourth at 25 and Jason Peterson (Bell Buckle, Tenn.) took fifth with a 21. Kevin Burge (Terra Alta, W. Va.) was sixth with a 21 and Gerold Johnson (Duncannon) took seventh at 20. Gary Bowersox (Milroy) was eighth at 20 and David Gillisipie (Reedsville, W. Va.) had a ninth-place finish with a 19. John McInchak (Erie) was the A class winner with a score of 21. Frederick Janeczko (Sterling Heights, Mich.) was second at 17 and Larry Armstrong (Export) took third at 16. Peter Kofira (Endwell, N.Y.) was fourth at 14 and Thomas Danias Sr. (Erie) rounded out the top 5 with a score of 14. F. Woody Walk (Metairie, La.) was the B class winner with a score of 18. Competition is scheduled to resume at 9 a.m. Friday morning at the high power range of the Ridgway Rifle Club.